Git client

As a git client, the app supports the following git operations:

  • clone
  • pull
  • push
  • create branch and switch branch
  • commit / merge
  • diff


Syntax highlighting

All mainstream programming languages: css, js, html, swift, objective-c, c/c++, java, python, R, etc

Esepcially, MarkGit has extensive support to javascript/typescrit, inclduing code intelligence. You can also run code in few languages including javascript/trype, java, python, c, R.

js support

Markdow support

MarkGit shared the same markdown parser engine with marknote which supports not only the full Github flavored markdown featuers but also extended markdown syntax

Keyboard shortcuts

The following shortcuts are supported on the Editor UI:

  • ⌘, : show editor preferences
  • ⌘f: show/hide the “find/replace” box
  • ⌘b: show/hide browser
  • ⌘i: enter/exit immersive mode
  • ⌘l: show/hide logs viewer


  • you may need an external keyboard connected to your iPad /iphone to use shortcuts;
  • on iOS, press and hold the Command ⌘ key will list all the shortcuts supported;

The app also supports User Defined Shortcuts


How to import images / files?

The file system of MarkGit is open and can be viewed by other apps, like Apple’s Files app.
There are many ways you can add images / files into MarkGit. For example, in iOS Photos app, choose a photo -> Share -> Save to Files -> On my iPhone/iPad -> MarkGit Then you will be able to see the newly added image in MarkGit