Click the cog icon on the top right (or using shortcut cmd + ,) to open the editor options view. Then in the “Text insertion shortcust” text box, we can edit the content to define shortcuts. Rules:

  • Each shortcut defintion will be one line of text;
  • Each shortcut should be in the format below:
{number}, {text to insert before the cursor}, {optional text to insert after the cursor}, {name of the shortcut}

for example,

1, aaa, bbb, test

will define a shortcut triggered by CTRL + 1 (pressing the CTRL key and 1 key together), and it will insert aaa before selected text and bbb after the selected text

  • The following variables can be used in the shortcut defintions:
    • {{filename}} , currnet file name;
    • {{date}}, current date;